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Make sure you Bind your game
This is a very important step and must be done for any game that you don’t want to lose. Failing to do this can mean you lose access to a game regardless of how much progress you have made. If you do lose access you can contact the game support, but there is no guarantee that you will get the game back.
Go to the Account option in the Settings menu to bind your game. We recommend that you bind the game to an IM30 account, but to do this you will need a separate email address for each game you set up and you must remember your password. You must also confirm your email address after binding (they will send you an email) to complete the process.

Start a new game
If possible start your new account on a separate device but in most cases you will need to run both accounts from one device. Thankfully the game devs have been making it easier to run more than one game from your device.
To start a new game you just need to go to the settings menu and find the account section. Make sure you have bound the current game as mentioned above. If you do not remember the password then now is the time to change your password before you start anything new.
In the account section you will have an option to Start a new game. Use this and follow the prompts and confirm you are happy to proceed. The game will them restart and you will begin again as a new base in a recently added state.
Initially you will need to play through the first few tutorial missions again before you can take any control of the game account.

Move to your province
As you play through the missions you will soon get more control of the base (instead of being led). It is important that you get your new base moved to the province that you want it in before you reach level 6. After this you lose access to the newbie teleports that let you change state for free. A farm account is only useful if its in your main base state.
Check out How to change Province for help with this.

Join alliance
This step is optional and if you intend to use the base as a farm and attack it for resources then you do not need to be in an alliance, and definitely not in your main bases alliance. However being in an alliance will provide some protection from others.
If your main alliance does not already have a farm alliance (a separate alliance for farm accounts) that it protects itself then now is a good time to suggest one is created. You can start one and invite others to do the same thing.

Choosing a class
One of the early choices you will need to make is the class you want this base to be. If you are setting yourself up a farm account then the obvious choice here is farmer as it will give better resource production rates. Farmer accounts have a resource protection level though so you will not be able to clean it out completely when you attack. If you are hoping to use this account to generate money for your main Raider base then a trader may work better for you and it will be easier to take resources from it.

Remember to bind It
Make sure to bind this new game to a different account. Create a separate IM30 account to connect it to. Make sure that new account is also verified.

Level up
Now you need to work more on your new base and work your way to a level where you are generating some resources and can gather more. Bases at level 12-16 are useful for this. Above that they are even more useful for completing challenges and competing in events, but will also be a good target for raiders. Concentrate on upgrading the resource production buildings and the warehouses.

Switch accounts
Having made sure that this new game is bound correctly you should now be able to use the Switch Accounts option in Settings > Accounts to move from one to the other when you need to. If you have bound them both to im30 go to the Switch accounts option and tap the IM30 button. You should see a list of all the accounts that are known on this device that have been successfully bound. Select the game you want to load.

Note: You will receive a warning message asking you to confirm if you want to load the game and overwrite the previous game progress. This is normal. Your current game game will be saved as long as it is bound as above.

Do not attack farms that is not belong to you, you may make your own farms

Jangan menyerang farms yang bukan miliknya yah, bikin sendiri ajah.

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