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  • Put your alliances army / troops around the 4 cannon in the red circle, Distribute evenly around it. Start attacking the canon when the timer starts (usually at the server reset)
  • After the 4 canons down, you can reinforce the center throne so it will be defended if any other alliances trying to attack it, and wait for countdown timer to end.
  • When the timer ends, the R5 of the winning alliance will need to appoint who will be the king.
  • After the KING is appointed by R5, now the KING need to choose who to sit for the BUFFS/SEATS. There is 8 seats to be distributed:
  • After assigning all the 8 buffs, now you can proceed to next tab, which is building and assigning task.
  • Then you can continue on the Emperorial Message to announce your speech and presence for the state.
  • Province management is for you to set the flags for the state.
  • And lastly, distribute rewards to everyone helping and deserve it.

Thats all ^_^ sekian info dan panduan tentang cara prosedur melakukan battle of throne di game rise of empires, semoga panduan ini bisa membantu.

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