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Tips for hero skill level up

Petunjuk untuk leveling menaikan skill hero

The game has 2 types of heroes: Combat & development heroes. That have different levels of potential that can be identified by their color.

  1. Green (weakest)
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Orange (strongest)

It’s important to recognize from the early game it’s not worth it to invest in green, blue or purple heroes. Combat heroes are the most important ones. It’s also not worth investing in development heroes in the early game. Investing means spending wisdom medal to unlock or upgrade their skills. Once you reach level 15 you will probably have one or two orange heroes.


Each orange hero has the potential to unlock 8 skills:

  1. Increase troop count in the heroes squad:
  2. Hero attack skill 1
  3. Defensive skill (adds resistance)
  4. Offensive skill (adds might)
  5. Hero attack skill 2
  6. Awaken (adds might+resistance+HP + bonus to skill 1)
  7. Hero unique skill: HP / Resistance / Might
  8. Hero attack skill 3

Most important skills

Skill 1, 6 and 7 are the most important skills due to their effects. For skill 6 you will need a medal of the hero you want to ‘awaken’. For orange heroes this is difficult to get that’s why the Hero Development Plan (Benefit Centre) is populair. When purchasing this package you can choose one hero. This the only chance in the game to choose which hero you will get so the advise is to go for an orange hero you already so you get the medal of this hero that you will need to unlock the Awaken skill at hero level 35. The 7th skill needs two orange hero medals but they can be any hero so don’t have to be the exact hero you are trying to unlock this skill at.

Unlocking Skills

To unlock the skills of a hero you will need to reach a certain level, spent gold, wisdom medals & hero medals.
Requirements for unlocking the skills:

  1. Unlocked when receiving the hero
  2. Hero level 6 / Gold 200k / Wisdom Medals: 50
  3. Hero level 12 / Gold 300k /Wisdom Medal: 100 / Blue medal 3
  4. Hero level 20 / Gold 400k / Purple medal 10 / Blue Medal 5
  5. Hero level 25 / Gold 600k / Orange medal 1 / Blue medal 7
  6. Hero level 35 / Gold 1m / Orange medal of the hero 1 / Blue medal 10
  7. Hero level 45 / Gold 2m / Orange medal 2
  8. Hero level 50 / Gold 4m / Orange medal 3

Fully skilled hero requires:

  • Hero level: 50
  • Gold: 8,5 m
  • Blue medals: 25
  • Purple medals: 10
  • Orange medals: 7 (of which 1 the same as the hero you are upgrading)

Upgrading Skills

Skills are upgraded by spending wisdom medals that you can get as rewards in the Events. Besides that you can get them in the building ‘Arena’ by exchanging Hero medals + gold. This is where you will spend your green, blue & purple. Green can be exchanged for 5 wisdom medals, blue for 10 and purple for 50. Orange can be exchanged for 600. The advise is to not exchange orange medals for wisdom medals. This can be useful for experienced players but by that time you won’t need this site anymore.

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